We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified Consultancy ready to fulfill all Detailed Project Report(DPR), Project Management Consultancy(PMC), On-Site support, Supervision and Surveying needs.

Having completed numerous public and private sector projects throughout India we are the perfect business partner you have been searching for.

Who We Are

We are experts in producing Detailed Project Reports, Surveys and doing Engineering Procurement and Construction work as is evident by repeat hires by various governmental and non-governmental Organizations.

Our team of highly experienced Architects, Survey Engineers, Draftsmen and other support staff are accustomed to produce high quality work even in the most challenging environments within the allocated time and budget.

Our WorkFlow

We deliver the best Detailed Project Reports and Project Management Consultancy by

Gathering Local Domain Knowledge.

Our Engineers, Architects and Draftsmen talk to the local authorities to get complete understanding of work involved to create a survey plan, Inception and Feasibility Report.

Undertaking survey and Land Acquisition.

Land for the project is acquired and work site is surveyed using latest Differential Global Positioning System(DGPS), Drone and Mobile Mapping tech to gather all measurements of the work site.

Delivering Detailed Project Report.

Using the surveyed measurements detailed blue print is produced alongwith listing of all resource requirements, activities to be undertaken and roles and responsibilities of all relevant stakeholders.

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Hours Of Support

Hard Workers


We provide Comprehensive Detailed Project Reports(DPR) of Bridges, Roads, Highways, Flyovers, Irrigation structures and Railway Foot-over Bridges, Surveys(Land, Topographic, As Built, Drone, Contour, etc) using DGPS, Total Station, Auto Level, etc, Geotechnical (Soil and Rock testing), Cost consultations, estimation, on-site supervision and support on Structural Design , MEP design, Bill checking verification Audit, Valuation, Contract, Tendering, Quality Audit, Plumbing design, Firefighting, Electrical Design, HVAC Design, steel MS Structural design strengthening, Retrofitting, transmission line, BOQ estimation throughout India for:

Roads and Transportation Projects

Office Parks

Commercial Building Development

Traffic Signalling/Footover Bridges

Township and Housing Projects

Retail Outlets

Hospitals and Clinics

Hotels and Farmhouses

Government Buildings, Irrigation structures,

Factories and Industrial Projects

Land Survey and Reporting

Soil Testing and Reporting

Why we are the Top choice of both Government and Non-Government Organizations?

Unmatched Valuation.

Detailed Project Reports(DPR), Surveys(land, Topographic, as-built, drone, DGPS, GIS ,total station, etc) and EPC(Engineering Procurement and Construction) work done by us is of highest quality at affordable prices.

Comprehensive Documentation.

Our DPR(Detailed Project Reports) and Engineering Procurement and Construction(EPC) work comes with extensive documentation that details every aspect of construction work, resource requirements with roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders.

Highest Quality Designs and Blueprints.

Our Engineers, Architects and Draftsmen use latest software and survey equipment to produce the best Designs and Blueprints for our customers.

One Stop EPC/PMC.

We provide DPR, EPC, Surveys to land acquisition,final construction supervision and on-site support all under the same roof.

All Kinds of Surveys, Tests and Reports.

We do Land, Topographic, GIS, Drone, Quantity, DGPS, As-Built, etc surveys, traffic studies, Transportation and Infrastructure reports and Rock, Soil and other Geo technical testings.

24x7x365 Support.

Our commitment to our clients extends beyond deliverables and we provide on-site and supervision support as and where required.


We Provide World Class Counsultancy Services such as

Detailed Project Report(DPR)

For Roads, Highways, Flyovers, Bridges, Footover Bridges, Railway Footover Bridges, Canals, Irrigation structures, Commercial and governmental buildings.

Land and Mapping Survey

Comprehensive AS built, Quantity, Transmission & Power-line Surveys. Topographic(DGPS, Auto-level, Total Station, Site Plan, Pipeline, Canal & Highway Route) and Hydrographic(River, Reservior, Inudation Mapping) Investigations. 2D and 3D Tunnel Monitoring, Road and Tunnels Alignment Design, OHE Marking.

Structural Engineering Consultancy

Design and Building of structurally sound structures, Earthquake Resistant Designs, Strengthening/Reinforcement Of existing structures, Load application Studies, Concrete Repair, Pile foundation, Bridge and Dam designs.

Cost Management and Quantity Surveying

Thorough Quantity and Cost estimation of raw materials, machinery, labor, transport and other expenses. Budget, Cost Estimation and monitoring. Bill of Quantities and Detailed measurement book preparation.

Geo Tech Engineering Services

Geo Physical Survey, Geo Technical Investigations, Stabilization of slopes for landslide prevention. Destructive and Non Destructive testing of concrete structures, OFC laying via Horizontal Direction Drilling Machines(HDD) and trench digging. Settlement Analysis and Ground Improvement.

Urban Infrastructures.

Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Study, Transportation Planning City Services, Sanitation and Water Supply Networks, City Waste Disposal System, Physical Infrastructure Planning, Slums/ Low Cost Housing/ Sanitation, Road safety Audit Report .

Land Acquisition

Land identification, Feasibility Study, Surveys and final Acquisition before construction starts.

On-Site Supervision, compliance, Support and Quality Control Services.

Design review of road geometry, preparation of revised drawings, measurement of works, checking of bills and as-built drawings prepared by contractors, testing of materials for their suitability in construction, quality control of works during various phases of the project, compliance with the IRC, MOST specifications and FIDIC conditions for highways and other Indian Standard codes.

Bill/Invoice Verification and Auditing Services

Continuous verification of readings and bills made in measurement books. Ensuring all work is done according to Indian Standard Codes and as per Blueprints and Drawings.

Electrical, Plumbing, Firefighting and HVAC Design Services

Fire Detection and Firefighting Designs, Sewage Treatment plants, Plumbing and Drainage systems. Lighting solutions, Electrical Substations, Oil Fired generators installation, Closed Circuit Television Surveillance. Centralized And Duct based HVAC Designs.

Architecture and Urban Planning

Conservation and Restoration of Old Monuments, Master Plan/ Development Plan, Regional Resource Management, Tourism Development Plan, Urban Development, Rural Development, Housing and Infrastructure, Waste Land Development

Project Management Consultancy/ Engineering Procurement and Construction.

Institutional Strengthening, Capacity Building, Organization/ Institutional Development, Program Evaluation, Feasibility and Project Management, Financial Management


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Our Clients

We are Top Choice for both Public and Private Sector.


What our Clients say about us

Vindyasri Associates has always produced outstanding work for BSNL within allocated budget and ahead of schedule. Their grasp of civil construction, surveying and labor management is unparalleled. They have helped us with land Acquisition, Civil work before Mobile Tower erection, Optical Fiber laying and installation of Firefighting equipment in BSNL premises.

R.K.M Srivastava

Deputy Director, BSNL, Bihar

Mr Sanjay Srivastava has worked with me on various highways across India. He believes in tackling obstacles head on and always has a contingency plan on hand in case something goes south. He leads by example and is not afraid to get his hand dirty in order to teach the labor force the correct way of doing road and civil construction work.

Mr P. P Singh

Project Director, NHAI

Vindyasri Associates installed Electrical, Firefighting, CCTV surveillance and HVAC air conditioning in our Headquarters. Their work was far superior and completed ahead of schedule compared to our other vendors. I wish them best in all their future endeavors.

Lakshmi Narayan Malviya

Managing Director, LN Malviya Infra Project Limited.

Vindyasri Associates has been producing outstanding work with their highly trained staff who take responsibilities of road construction from surveying to land acquisition to labor supervision during construction and final checking of built roads with as built surveys.

Raj Kumar Paswan

Superintending Engineer, RCD Motihari


Our hard working team

Indu Srivastava

Managing Director

She is a Electronic Engineering Graduate with 20 yrs experience in marketing she is point person for overseeing all day to day operations at the firm.

Sanjay Srivastava


He works alongside NHAI for Road, Highway construction and is responsible for all construction works, design review of road geometry, preparation of revised drawings, measurement of works, checking of bills and as-built drawings prepared by contractors, testing of materials for their suitability in construction, quality control of works during various phases of the project, compliance with the IRC, MOST specifications and FIDIC conditions for highways and other Indian Standard codes.

Sarita Srivastava

Human Resource Manager

She is a Mathematics graduate with 25 yrs experience. She is the firm's Human Resource Manager.

RanVijay Singh

Team Leader(Roads/Highways)

He is the Team Leader for Roads and Bridges division. He has 35 yrs of experience in Road contruction as Executive Engineer in Road Construction Department Bihar.

Mr. Pradhan

Team Leader

He Serves as Team Leader of Irrigation Department. He has total 39 years of experience with Irrigation Engineering ( Canals, Dams and Cad work ) in WAPCOS Ltd ( Govt. of India undertaking )as a Chief Engineer and project Director with Private Company after retirement.

Milind Madhukar SriRao

Team Leader(EPC)

He has experience of 35 years serves as Team Leader for Engineering, Procurement and Construction(EPC) division.

Vikash Kumar

Senior Survey Engineer

He is a Diploma in Civil Engineering. And having more than 12 years’ experience as surveying Field. He Operate all kind of survey instrument (DGPS, Total Station, Auto level, etc). Auto Cad Drafting (Drafting, preparation of typical cross section of the road and bridge) and coordinate and monitoring with survey team.

Shaukat Ali

Assistant Manager

He is a Diploma in Civil Engineering. He has more than 2 years’ experience in Road inventory, Auto Cad (Drafting, preparation of typical cross section of the road and bridge) and coordinate and monitoring with survey team.


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