About us

About Us


“We aspire to be the leading Infrastructure Planning, Engineering, Social and Environment Consultants in this region by providing high value added, high quality, and cutting edge services to our clients, through our wide pool of experts, thus helping create value for the society.”
Reaching for the stars…Together!

The History

A vision backed with invaluable experience and years of commitment towards the betterment of society manifested itself in the genesis of a humble beginning called “Vindyasri Associates Pvt. Ltd. (VAPL)”. VAPL’s journey began in year 2017 when a team of young dynamic professionals came together to break out and make a new start. They meticulously brainstormed to chart out the path for this multi-disciplinary consulting organization. In their daily dealings with professionals in their respective fields, they were always faced with lack of a consulting organization which brings diverse services under one roof along with making a promise of delivering highest standards of quality. VAPL was conceptualized with an aim to fill this gap. VAPL is yet another example of showing that there is always a room for improving the present set up and strives for perfection.
A long journey has begun…

Executive Leadership

Our strength VAPL in our human resources and executive leadership. VAPL is leading by a very strong core team that joined hands in giving shape to this nascent idea. VAPL takes pride in the diversified experience and wide exposure of its core management team. Our core team members’ were associates with leading organizations of the world along years has made them adept at both project planning and project execution.

Mission Statement and Principles

We, at VAPL, pledge to serve all our clients by consistently delivering superior value with the highest quality and confidentiality standards and by taking a truly global approach. We constantly strive to upgrade our knowledge pool and try to attract the best professionals to join hands with us as consultants. We together create an exciting and caring environment full of growth opportunity VAPL for all those who have the fire in their mind to try and be extraordinary. Most importantly, we govern ourselves through a set of strong values emphasizing integrity, teamwork and meritocracy. Our endeavor is to contribute actively to the society and its development.

1. Delivering superior value with the highest quality and confidentiality standards

  • Provide highest quality in our services and exceed the expectations of our clients.
  • Help our clients to achieve their objectives and add significant value to their operations.
  • Build enduring, lasting trust-based relationships with our clients.

2. Global approach

  • Constantly upgrade our knowledge resources.
  • Strive to provide global best practices through constant innovation.

3. Value based governance

  • Maintain integrity and transparency in all our dealings and transactions.
  • Adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards.
  • Foster initiative driven attitude giving thrust to teamwork.

4. Contribute actively to the society

  • Contribute to the overall social development through our small initiatives from time to time.
  • Work towards upliftment of our social standards by involving ourselves in regular social works.

Our team


Mr. Sanjay Srivastava

Managing Director

Mrs. Indu Srivastava

Sr. Manager (Irrigation)

Mr B.P Prdhan

T.L (Structures)

Mr Saligram singh

Sr. Quantity Surveyor

Ajeet Srivastava


Jeetendra prasad

Sr. Quality cum Material Engineer

Manoj Kumar