Services We Offer

  • The key to VAPL growth, VAPL in the diverse range of services, it provides. VAPL is a single window consulting house for all Infrastructural and Civil project requirements. VAPL offers comprehensive and specialized services through the aliquot part of the firm, which ensures a smooth flow of information. We, at interactive data corporation (IDC) have following distinct divisions-

Urban Infrastructures

  • Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Study
  • Transportation Planning City Services
  • Sanitation and Water Supply Networks
  • City Waste Disposal System
  • Physical Infrastructure Planning
  • Slums/ Low Cost Housing/ Sanitation
  • Road safety Audit Report

Architecture and Urban Planning

  • Conservation and Restoration of Old Monuments
  • Master Plan/ Development Plan
  • Regional Resource Management
  • Tourism Development Plan
  • Urban Development
  • Rural Development
  • Housing and Infrastructure
  • Waste Land Development

Environment and impect Assessments

  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Ecology & Forestry
  • Environmental Mapping
  • Environmental Science
  • Pollution Monitoring
  • Environment and Habitat
  • Social Forestry


  • Highways
  • Bridges
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Drainage
  • Flood Control
  • Grade Separators
  • Geotechnical
  • Construction Supervision

Project Management

  • Institutional Strengthening
  • Capacity Building
  • Organization/ Institutional Development
  • Programme Evaluation
  • Feasibility and Project Management
  • Financial Management

Water Resources Development

  • Lake Conservation
  • Wet Land Management

Economic and Social Study VAPL

  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Rehabilitation and Resettlement
  • Human Resources Development
  • Social Infrastructure

Social Study VAPL

  • Socio-Economic Surveys
  • Educational Empowerment Project
  • Legal Empowerment Project
  • Health Infrastructure
  • Policy Research
  • With its diverse field of work and vast knowledge network supported by various exports, IDS looks forward to contributing a major share in enhancing our common future.


  • The infrastructure at VAPL well supports our strong quality-concentric approach. This creates a hassle free environment for all our employees, minimizing confusion and chaos. The well designed infrastructural facility VAPL with latest and the best of instruments further adds to our productivity and efficiency, giving us that extra edge in serving our clients.
  • VAPL has in-house facility VAPL available for data processing, analysis and acquired and developed computer software and built up a library of technical programmers developed in-house and the same is being steadily expanded to cover wide range of fields such as Transportation and Highways, Structural Engineering, Bridges and others types structures, Environmental, GIS and Project Management.
  • The fields and related software are as below
    • MX Road: - It is most popular Highway Design software for Horizontal & Vertical Design of roads.
    • INROADS- It’s a three dimensional modeling package used for highway design. It can Layout design to meet required design standards, compute cut and fill volumes, produce cross sections and runs on Auto CAD Environment.
    • STAAD IV- its comprehensive software that addresses different aspects of Structural Engineering.
    • Caline –4 – It’s a world bank approved mathematical model that computes vehicular emissions of different pollutants.